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Hi there,
I'm Rebecca Formoso, the designer and manufacturer of all the jewels on our website.

I completed my fashion design degree in 1992, but it wasn't until 1998 when I started to play around with gemstones and crystals, and I discovered my new passion: FASHION JEWELLERY DESIGN.

I designed many collections for various large well known labels like Kookaï, Decjuba, Sportsgirl and other companies and boutiques in Australia and overseas.

I have also designed high end jewellery pieces for boutiques like Carmina Rotger (with Carmina and her daughters - Barcelona), Piamonte (with Blanca Zurita - Madrid), Beni Room (with Beatriz Nicolás - Madrid), Strass (with Carmen -Manresa), all these in Spain.

I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to be interviewed by ELLE Spain and Barcelona Divina magazines.

My jewellery designs have appeared in various editorials like Elle and Marie Claire, and have also appeared on television shows like The X Factor. Many of the jewels for Operación Triunfo show were designed by me.

After so many years designing jewellery collections for a variety of labels and also for myself, I have developed a style of my own. I always say that I design pieces that I would love to wear, I also utilise the best materials, gemstones and different pieces I discover in my journeys. I’m such a freak for gemstones, I love them and I’m always amazed by their creation and how they’re found.

I love using feathers, silks, bohemian crystals and of course my favourite gemstones and precious gifts from the ocean like coral. I use gold filled as a metal when I feel the design requires gold, sterling silver and also brass and gold plated brass, so there’s definitely a variety of materials.

In 2018 I registered my new business name:

- Printemps Été (Spring Summer) - which I have lately rebranded to TIDE.
Tide Jewellery, because my inspiration mostly comes from the ocean and all the colours and prints of the spectacularly breathtaking life that lives there.

I hope you love having a browse through my site and find your own special pieces to cherish forever.

We now have both AfterPay and ZipPay available, so you can buy your jewels now and pay them a little later.

Remember: "Don't wear boring jewellery, have fun with your accessories”.

Rebecca and her designs have appeared in various international fashion editorials and here are a couple for you to browse.

Interview with Barcelona Divina magazine, Marie Claire, Elle... Her jewels have been seen on celebrities and on television shows like Operación Triunfo in Spain.

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