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Gold plated faceted Pyrite

Freshwater pearl

Turquoise Howlite


Murano glass eye

Gold filled clasp


These divine treasures can be yours forever.

I have made them with authentic Baroque Pearls, faceted crystals and two beautifully carved Mother Of Pearl flowers.

The ear hooks shown on the earrings are 14 karat gold plated with a clear crystal. There is a gold filled option ear hook available at no extra cost (these are the last pic) They are sparkle cut 14/20 karat gold filled ear hooks.

Cherish and wear your earrings forever and they will never tarnish with gold filled ear hooks. Please let me know if you'd like the gold filled option ear hooks, otherwise I will make them with the crystal gold plated ear hooks. 

Would you like something personalised? These earrings can be made in different colours too. Shown here are two colours, blue and orange. Would you like them for your wedding or for a friends wedding? I can make them in white, or off white as well, just email me with your requirements:

Would you like it gift wrapped? I can do that. All pieces come in their own organza bag. If you choose to have it gift wrapped for someone special, I will wrap it for you in tissue paper (aqua colour) and add a card with the message of your choice. Just email me with the details:

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed : )


Mother of pearl heart

Gold Plated Pyrite

Glass pearl beads

Gold plated huggies


Handcrafted evil eyes

Faceted crystals

Sea Glass beads

Gold Plated eat hooks

We recommend cleaning your gold plated ear hooks, clasps and chain with silver polish and a clean cotton. 
Rub polish on golden areas with polish, leave it on for a minute or less and then wipe it off with a clean cloth or tissue.

It will magically become sparkling again!

When you’re not wearing your jewellery, keep it out of the sun and always try and keep it away from water, perfume and deodorant.

Keep your jewellery in the pouch we gave you, it will last longer if you look after these handcrafted and delicate designs in the way we’ve suggested.

Enjoy your designs, they’ve been made with care, especially for you. 🙏💗☮️


Freshwater pearls

Gold plated huggies

Glass pearl beads


Freshwater Pearls

Gold plated huggies

Coloured glass beads


Baroque pearls

Gold plated huggies

Multi coloured glass beads


Amazing gumball pink faceted jade balls

Light gold plated chain

Gold filled clasp

Adjustable length chain

Can be worn as a choker as well 😉



Handmade to order:
24k gold plated multifaceted natural Pyrite

Natural Baroque Pearl 

Silk thread

Gold Filled clasp

Adjustable length

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